Headquartered in Chicago, we are an Animal Welfare Consultancy with a global reach that leads food companies in making animal welfare sourcing improvements. Our clients range from international to regional food companies, including food manufacturers, retailers, grocery, private brand, and restaurant chains.


  • Through Responsible Sourcing Strategic Planning, we facilitate a Crawl-Walk-Run approach with actionable steps to satisfy customers, please shareholders and take advantage of business opportunities in earning Millennial loyalty to your brand’s value equation. Measured animal welfare criteria need to appear in your sustainability strategy and your sustainability reports.

Our Mission Statement

Sustainable Solutions Group Mission Statement
  • As an Animal Welfare Consultancy, we build awareness of the financial and social risks of not addressing the responsible sourcing concerns of consumers highlighted in social media
  • Guide companies to financial and social success through a customized Responsible Sourcing Roadmap for healthy, humane sourcing coupled with effective messaging
  • Provide a safe place for companies to go to fully understand the demands of animal advocacy groups for cage-free eggs, bans on gestation crates, policies regarding growth hormones, and related topics, without fear of retaliation


Our Team

As CEO, Ms. Janice Neitzel uses a data-driven approach in guiding top food industry decision-makers in answering.
Ms. Gerberich, MS, CN is a certified nutritionist educating people to increase their level of nourishment through the.
Dr. Temple Grandin is an expert on animal behavior and Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. Dr..