Pre-Crisis Planning Successes Delivered

SproutsFinalSustSolutions follows the direction of Dr. Temple Grandin to lead you in minimizing risk and improving farm animal welfare in your supply chain:

  1. We counsel our clients on careful relationship-building with animal advocacy groups. We’ve successfully stopped groups from attending our clients’ shareholder meetings and from issuing press releases visibly questioning their board’s attention to animal welfare. We guide you in strategic relationship-building to work behind the scenes to improve animal welfare in your supply chain.
  1. We develop careful animal welfare and antibiotics policy for our clients on hot-button issues. These policy commitments minimize you from becoming a target of social media while improving animal welfare in your supply chain.
  1. Dr. Temple Grandin requires that Animal Welfare Policies be measured and audited. Our Meat, Dairy & Egg Sourcing Assessment highlights ours clients’ top brand-tarnishing risks. By following our recommendations, our clients remove the target from their backs.

Click around to view our expertise, testimonials and our service offerings. Contact Us for a complimentary 20-minute animal welfare phone consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your animal welfare policy, sourcing challenges, upcoming commitments, and how to ensure compliance from suppliers and producers.

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