Meeting your Cage-free commitments so you’re not targeted in a video

chicken-coop-245745_1920Has your company set cage-free goals? Your commitment requires additional policy setting. Stating “cage-free” is simply not enough. Animal welfare policies that list the five freedoms are not enough. Dr. Temple Grandin advises that animal welfare policies be measurable and audited.

It is important that you work with your egg suppliers as they transition their equipment. Will the system be designed to prevent cannibalism and broken bones? Will the system allow for scratching while reducing airborne dust? Will it be a single or multi-tiered aviary?

We guide you on selecting cage-free requirements and communicating these requirements to your egg suppliers to minimize your brand appearing in a social media video of less-than-desirable cage-free egg housing. We annually measure your suppliers’ progress against your cage-free criteria, showing you’re serious about your cage-free commitments.

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