Pre-Crisis Planning & Audit Evaluation

NGO Relationship ManagementPre-Crisis Planning

As an Animal Welfare Consultancy, Sustainable Solutions Group is uniquely positioned to prepare your team to respond to customers and advocacy groups challenging you, to minimize your chances of becoming a social media target. It is of the utmost importance to maintain brand equity. Burger KingBrand equity can take decades to build and be lost quickly by being named in a viral social media video showing farm animals in poor conditions.

Every month, a new video appears that raises consumer objections. We guide you to understand animal welfare in your supply chain and do careful relationship building with animal advocacy groups. If a bad video would surface about a supply partner and you are approached, we have already prepared you to understand and respond effectively to minimize risk.

NGO 1Shareholder Resolution Negotiation

We are experienced in advising on actions you can take to result in withdrawal of NGO shareholder resolutions on cage-free eggs, gestation crates and other animal welfare concerns to reduce your risk. We coach you on careful relationship-building to discourage shareholder resolutions.

3rd Party Audit Evaluation

With consumers demanding transparency in sourcing and the viral impact of social media, every foodservice, grocery, and restaurant chain needs to ensure traceability of its animal proteins. Through our 3rd party audit verification, we safeguard your brand and provide risk management by evaluating your supplier animal welfare audits. We understand the web of paperwork and data collection needed. We have the expertise to assess animal protein auditing and then professionally facilitate discussion of results and advise on policy development.

Contact us for a complimentary animal welfare phone consultation or to learn more about our 3rd-party audit evaluation.

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