Responsible Sourcing Strategic Planning

Through Responsible Sourcing Strategic Planning, we facilitate a Crawl-Walk-Run approach with actionable steps to satisfy customers and take advantage of business opportunities to earn Millennial loyalty to your brand’s value equation.

According to the global 2016 Business Benchmark for Animal Welfare (BBFAW) report, “animal welfare is now serious business rather than a niche option. Animal welfare has shot up the priority list for food companies, but reporting remains “relatively underdeveloped.” Consumer and political pressure has pushed standards up beyond the niche, premium brands.”

Measured animal welfare criteria need to appear in your sustainable food strategy and sustainability reporting. You need to have a complete picture of animal welfare conditions in your supply chain.

Cage-free eggs, gestation crates, piglet thumping, day-old male chicks being ground alive, fast-growing broiler chickens, Levy Evacastration without pain relief, lame dairy cows, and chickens scalded alive are just some of the animal welfare issues animal advocacy groups are bringing to light and there will be more in the coming years. Your customers are and will be seeing painful images of these issues on social media videos.

It is most important to establish your team and develop an approachable, believable and doable animal protein responsible sourcing strategy. There are opportunities in increasing supply chain animal welfare and reducing antibiotics and growth hormones.

What is our Responsible Sourcing Roadmap?

Our data-driven and measurable approach to more responsible sourcing over time. Communicating Social Responsibility

  1. We begin with an Issue Awareness Webinar for your merchant and CSR teams. We are uniquely positioned to bring clarity to food industry animal welfare sourcing issues.
  2. We facilitate development of your Responsible Sourcing Vision
  3. We conduct an Initial Animal Protein Sourcing Assessment using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
    • That are scientifically grounded and important to Dr. Temple Grandin and animal advocacy groups
    • For an additional licensing fee we use animal welfare KPI’s developed by The Sustainability Consortium (TSC)
  4. We document your Current State of animal welfare in protein sourcing and provide written Recommendations
    • To develop Sourcing Goals & Strategies
    • That drive sourcing Actions
    • That are annually Measured and Reported
    • With careful messaging for each stakeholder group (NGO’s, Customers, Investors and Staff).


Our Roadmap to Responsible Sourcing

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