Have you budgeted for your supply chain animal welfare audit?

It’s important for those in retail, food service and restaurant chains to protect your brand by doing an internal animal welfare audit of your perishable animal proteins. It is a management risk when a new video appears on TV and social media showing livestock conditions that raise consumer objections. Sustainable Solutions Group’s internal animal welfare audit safeguards your brand by receiving and reviewing your suppliers’ animal welfare audits, as well as asking for corrective actions for audit deficiencies.

If a bad video would surface about one of your suppliers and you are approached by your customers or an animal advocacy group – we will quickly be able to show that you are responsibly checking supplier audits on a consistent basis.

Buyers cannot physically visit all of their supply chain facilities, so the internal animal welfare audit ensures that vital information is captured without having to visit every farm or slaughter plant. The internal animal welfare audit ensures that suppliers understand that you are focused on the supply chain and the practices that are used on-farm, during transport and in slaughter/processing.

Through the internal animal welfare audit, you begin to understand your suppliers’ animal welfare practices so that you can develop practical animal welfare positions and policies. With published animal welfare standards/expectations, the annual animal welfare audit keeps suppliers understanding your positions.

The internal animal welfare audit provides documentation that can be used for marketing purposes, to satisfy NGO’s, shareholders and annual reports. It can give customers assurance that the products they are purchasing are responsibly-raised.

Please contact us at info@SustSolutions.com for a proposal to get on our calendar at this year’s rates.

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