Responsible Sourcing Roadmap

Control and Communicate the Origin Experience for your customers by incorporating responsible sourcing criteria into your business sourcing strategies. We offer a goal-oriented, innovative, and measurable approach to sourcing higher welfare ingredients providing:

  • Identification Higher Welfare Suppliers
  • Facilitation of Innovative Roadmap Development
  • Project Management



Initial Sourcing Assessment

We examine your meat, dairy, and egg sourcing against widely-accepted animal welfare criteria and certifications to provide a Summary of Progress and Recommendations.

Farm animals are excluded from the U.S. Animal Welfare Act and don’t have legal protection while grown on the farm. The federal Humane Slaughter Act does not protect poultry so, chickens and turkeys, which make up over 95% of land animals killed for food, do not have protection from mistreatment at slaughter. These gaps in regulations have led to identification of species-specific animal welfare criteria such as cage-free and crate-free and development of 3rd party certifications. Measuring these supplier certifications and species-specific welfare attributes etc. are at the heart of this audit.

Clients of Sustainable Solutions Group

Innovative Roadmap Development

  • Develop Responsible Sourcing VisionOur Roadmap to Responsible Sourcing
  • Create SMART Goals based on Initial Sourcing Assessment (for example):
    • Source 100% specific higher welfare ingredient for X concept in 5 years, beginning with 15% in year 1, 30% in year 2, 45% in year 3, and 75% in year 4
    • Source from 4 higher welfare suppliers in the next 2 years
  • Develop Innovative Strategies to meet Goals:
    • Limited Time Offerings
    • Private Label sourcing strategies
    • LOHAS Branding Opportunities
  • Develop Project Plan of Actions and Timeline


Communications Planning –If / How/ When

  • Staff
  • Customer base
  • Potential Customer base
  • NGO’s


Project Management

Quarterly review of measurable progress



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