What People are Saying…


Food Companies

Burger King, Diego Beamonte, VP Global Quality

“Janice I recommended you to provide a good perspective of the U.S. meat, dairy and egg sourcing to the E.U. team.”

Burger King, Steve Weiffenbach, Manager of Food Safety

“Your presentation was ‘spot-on’ and I am sure everyone on the call was glued to your content.”

Compass Group NA, Travis Orman, Director of Business Excellence Operations

“Janice is a rock star!! This was the best and most informative training I have ever gone through in 23 years.”

 Dairy Queen, Bill Barrier, VP of R&D

“I worked with Janice in understanding how to manage agricultural sustainability. I found her knowledge to be exceptional and she provided great counsel.”

Dunkin’ Brands, Christine Riley, Senior Director of CSR

“Thanks Janice, we certainly appreciate all your support to help us get our animal welfare policy in place.”

Dunkin’ Brands, Mary Ann DiMascio, Senior CSR Specialist

“Thank you for your support of our animal welfare efforts.”

Food Marketing Institute (FMI), Joe McKie, VP of Private Brands

“Janice, thanks for sharing your expertise with the committee. I am confident we will have many more conversations around this subject and we will help our FMI PB members make better decisions as a result.”

Food Marketing Institute (FMI), Doug Baker, VP of Private Brands

“As a member of the FMI Private Brand Leadership Council. I have had the opportunity to learn from and work with Janice on sustainability topics. Her knowledge of sustainable sourcing related to protein is extensive. I appreciate the diverse knowledge Janice brings to our Council. ”

Harris Teeter, Bradley Graham, GVP Purchasing

“Janice is a true professional! She has provided timely detailed direction to difficult industry topics for our company. She is a results driven expert that consistently delivers a high level of detailed knowledge on tough industry issues. She works well with all levels of our company and is a trusted member of our team!”

Harris Teeter, Jennifer Thompson, Director of Communication

“Janice is a valuable resource to me and my company. She is a very detailed oriented person, who provides excellent communication tools very quickly. Her vision and direction align perfectly with our needs.”

Harris Teeter, Catherine Becker, Communications Manager

“Awesome insight regarding this and other matters. Thank you, Janice, as always.”

Kroger, Brendon Cull, Director of Gov Relations and Regulation

“Thanks Janice.  We appreciate the animal welfare regulatory direction.”

McDonald’s, Kyle Schott, Corporate Citizenship Manager

“Thanks for helping us to focus attention on a much needed area. We have been very tuned into how to communicate social responsibility information. The results you provided added value to our CSR reporting process.”

Ruby Tuesday, Rick Johnson, SVP Purchasing Systems

“Janice, it has been a privilege to work with you. We admire your dedication to the welfare of animals.”

Solo Cup Company, Paul Hulseman, SVP

“Janice worked with our team to focus energies on strategic (sustainability) projects. She was very thorough in her approach and an excellent facilitator.”

Sonic Corp., Nancy Robertson, SVP, Franchise HR Development and Communications

“Janice, your working with us has been so thought-provoking and helpful. Your help in facilitating discussion on these (animal welfare supply chain) issues at Sonic has been huge.”

Sprouts Farmers Market, Susan Welsh, Director of CSR

“Janice, I reviewed your report from the Meat, Dairy & Egg Responsible Sourcing Assessment, and by the way, it was fantastic! We have everyone on board and are enthusiastic about continuing down the path of understanding animal welfare in our supply chain and making practical improvement that our customers are demanding.”

Target, Lisa Linnell, Food Social Responsibility Specialist

“It has been a pleasure working with you on this animal welfare & antibiotics policy development project. We greatly appreciate your expertise.”

Unilever, Tiina Seppalainen, Sr. Systems Consultant

“Janice is an experienced facilitator who is skillful at eliciting responses. She works in a structured, logical manner and has a broad management skill set to drive each project to success.”

Unilever, Kevin Wyderka,  Director

“Janice has an excellent ability to think analytically. She demonstrates creativity and balances reality. She has excellent facilitation skills to manage groups effectively and bring them to consensus.”

Farmers, Food and Sustainability

CERES, Mark Allegrini,  Corporate Program Manager

“Your input regarding our client’s approach to dairy was a particularly strong section of the engagement.  Your comments were well thought out, and your followup was well received.”

Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT), Richard Wood, Executive Director

“Janice –Thanks for a helpful webinar! I’m glad I participated. It was helpful information and perspectives and the questions asked were great as well. You do good work!”

Gunthorp Farms, Greg Gunthorp, Indiana Farmer

“I owe you a thank you for good words with the new chef at Courtright’s. Looks like my pasture-raised pork chop will be on the menu there very soon.”

Illinois Stewardship Alliance (ISA), Karen Hudson, Board Member

“Janice has the ability to take time and really listen to people. She is very articulate and able to communicate her ideas to people at all levels… The success of the (projects she has facilitated) reflects her high level of confidence and commitment …”

Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative, Theresa Marquez, Chief Marketing Executive

“Thanks Janice. What you are doing is a good thing. Thanks for your concern on this issue.”

RealChange Network, Maryline Daviaud Lewett, Director of Business Development

“Janice possesses exceptional abilities to create and implement business strategies. With a systems thinking approach, she can develop new market opportunities that drive success.”

Roosevelt University, Vicki Gerberich, Professor of Sustainable Studies

“Thanks to Janice Neitzel with the Sustainable Solutions Group for all the tips regarding animal welfare and sustainable protein sources.”

U.S. E.P.A., Jack Curley, Watershed Planning Manager

“The training was fantastic and I don’t use superlatives lightly.  Janice kept me engaged for the full 4 days and I learned more than I expected to.”


Allstate, Brett Champlin, Business Process Management Business Area Lead

“One of the things I think sets the great facilitators apart from the average is their ability to be ego-less in helping the group focus and achieve their goals. Janice has the innate ability to lead others without their realizing they have been led, producing a true group victory.”

American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring, (ASNM), Dr. Jack Hastings, Board President

“You were great, just great! I told them about recommending you to facilitate the U.S. Congress. Thanks for all you did.”

Baxter, Steve Walton, Sr. Director, IT Medication and Delivery

“Thank you for your diligence and support in achieving this very significant work! The plan is very comprehensive and a valuable tool in guiding our acquisition integrations. In fact, we have already started to use it in anticipation of our upcoming $300 million acquisition.”

CIMCO, Jill Giroux, Director

“We were at a critical juncture in our ability to provide services to efficiently meet customer demand and Janice’s ability to lead us in streamlining our Order to Fulfillment process was critical to our growth.”

Data Administration Management Association (DAMA) Chicago, Jeff Lawyer, Board Member

“It was a pleasure working with you, Janice. Thank you for the excellent implementation of the panel discussion segment of our programs offering — I suspected it would be a success, but it was your skill and finesse that made it happen.”

Emerson, Barbara Absher, Director, Industry Sales Program Development

“Janice handled dysfunctional behavior of 1-2 group members very well.”

Field Museum, Anne Underhill, Chair Dept of Anthropology

“Janice did a great job with a challenging group of people who had never experienced a retreat. We really appreciated her willingness and ability to change the original plan for the afternoon, and we allfeel that the retreat was productive.”

HMR Consulting, Mark Howell, Marketing Research Consultant and Owner

“Janice did a good job handling a group that had a variety of very strong personalities & diverse needs. At times the group was difficult to handle & she did a good job respecting the group dynamic & keeping true to the task.”

Harley-Davidson, Michael Jones, Solutions Delivery Manager

“Janice was a perfect person to teach this class. Her abilities matched the course objectives and that reinforced the class.”

Kimberly-Clark, Cindy Burton, North American Learning & Development Consultant

“Janice did a great job balancing teaching and facilitating which is no easy task. Her personal stories made the learning real. Thank you Janice for your coaching and teaching!”

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies (IACAA), Dalitso Sulamoyo, Ph.D., CEO

“Janice was magnificent leading our session.”

Lakeland Regional Healthcare, Kristen Withers, Learning & Performance Consultant

“Janice did a great job at keeping energy high and managing us (we are a little disfunctional)”

McKesson, Carrie Varoquiers, VP of Corporate Citizenship

“I hired Janice as a consultant to gather the environmental data for our Corporate Citizenship report. Janice went above and beyond to include her recommendations for streamlining the process… and sharing best practices from her work with other Fortune 500 companies.”

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Sarah Armstrong, Enterprise Project Manager

“Janice is the best instructor I’ve ever had. I would love the opportunity to learn from her again! ”

Solar Service, Joe Gordon, Renewable Energy Specialist

“Janice did an excellent job gathering data, analyzing that data and providing recommendations for operational improvements… I was amazed at how well the project zeroed in on the key issues. I highly recommend her as being organized, personal and professional.”

The Art Connection, Kim Clark, Board Member

“Your thorough preparation work, grasp of our organizational culture & imperatives, your ability to effectively guide us through dense & complex information toward several credible options and your wonderful energy & enthusiasm made the scenario development session that you facilitated for us at The Art Connection a productive & rewarding experience.”

The Home Depot and Lifelong Leadership, Sheila Douglas, Director of Human Resources

“Janice is a thorough, fun and engaging facilitator.”

Triple Pundit, Nick Aster, Founder & Publisher

“Janice has been a pleasure to work with from day one. Her attention to detail is immaculate as well as her ability to ask the right questions to ensure that everyone in the room is on the same page. She’s also an excellent writer.”

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