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Janice Neitzel, CEO, presented with Doug Baker of the Food Marketing Institute at the Store Brands Summit on February 27th in Chicago.


Sustainable Sourcing to Innovate and Better Communicate Your Brand


Private label store brands provide an opportunity to innovate by creating product specifications for more sustainable sourcing and increased transparency.  There are multiple opportunities for innovation in the specification development process that will be highlighted. We’ll examine some myths of sustainability, risks and responsibilities of addressing sustainability issues and the challenges to private label brands. We’ll look at steps to crawl, to walk and then to run. We’ll discuss questions to ask of suppliers to realize your private label vision and better communicate your brand.


What We Do for You

Consumers are demanding higher animal welfare in animal proteins they buy and eat. Sustainable Solutions Group guides top food industry decision-makers to plan and implement responsible sourcing improvements and messaging for higher welfare meat, dairy, and eggs. Our methodology is being used at both Fortune 500 and growing food companies.

We use a results-based approach to guide companies to build brand equity and attract the best talent. Sustainable Solutions Group is a member of the Food Marketing Institute.